Why we work on Dripmagic

Marketing used to be easy. We would run ads in the local newspaper, print flyers or hire out billboards. It was easy to push products to customers. Why wouldn't it be? There wasn't much for them to choose from.

Over the years, technology has pushed the boundaries of innovation. The number of products (and competitors) in the market increased exponentially. Customers have more than they could choose from. It is getting harder and harder to push products to them.

Search engine and social media has brought unprecedented transparency into the world. Customers are a lot more informed when making purchase decisions. The most powerful research tool now lies in the palm of their hands. Recommendation from friends and product reviews are just a few clicks away.

How do we stand out in a transparent world where the market is crowded and competition is everywhere? Large companies employ machines to win the game. Everything from emails to social media are being automated. There are more than 3000 automation tools in the market right now. Unfortunately, they are unaffordable to the small business owner. They cost too much because of a huge list of features that we never use.

We work on Dripmagic to try and balance out the battlefield a little bit better. We want to put tools used by large organisations in the hands of the small business owner, at a reasonable cost. We do this by removing features that we don't need. When we find strategies that works without the need of a tool, we want to offer them for free.

We work on Dripmagic to help small businesses win.

"Dripmagic helped me identify a marketing tool that was an overkill for my business. I was paying over $200 per month for something that was not needed. I got rid of it and found another way of achieving the same results. The best part was that I got the advice for FREE!"
- Jonathan Peacock, Managing Director at Zibbet.com

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